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study my finger and ear to write english.

Original japanise film. Because the english title is, For example we have nine title. So much. so is people in japan dont now understand is movie. Maen karacter. I can see. And box appear. Is call tanuki. My name chikara udon. The next. Change. Probably not.  Not only but. Oyako meanig. Is very interesting. So looks like. The power is rise. So what do tou think? in confinion. my japanese frent. We don't now. Lets star. Piece. Baby dear. I see. This is awayuki. Blowing and gathering. This is wide. USe in your country. but is the name come from. Different cake. In every budy. in japan is one name. special name. What is then japanese name professor? Some thing else. Impression. Then ending operation. The name is same but the ending is different. But if say evanova is mean women. If have different name. Interesting. Yes, we dont have many, I dont now. we just dont talk. anithing else. many doing funky. so other. what has do you have? yes is alot. Japanese language. We can see inside. E